How to Reset Nest Thermostat Quickly

Are you moving out or have just moved in and want to remove the previous owner from your Nest thermostat? Resetting your Nest is the way to go.

While most Nest thermostat issues, such as an unresponsive display or a slow thermostat, can be cleared by simply restarting it, restarting will not erase any of your schedule or programs.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to successfully reset your Nest thermostat to enable you to add your thermostat to the home app and also restore your thermostat to default factory settings.

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How to reset a Nest thermostat in 4 easy steps

To reset your Nest thermostat follow these simple instructions;

Step 1: Press your thermostat ring to open the Quick View menu.

Step 2: Choose Settings Nest settings icon.

Step 3: Turn the ring to Reset and press to select.

Step 4: Choose your option  from schedule, away, network or all settings. 

Let me explain what each of these options will do if you choose it.

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This option is suitable if you are moving your thermostat to a new location in your home. All schedules learned when you come and go will be lost with this option, but it typically takes a few days to re-learn.


Resetting your Nest thermostat with the network option will erase all network information, including any saved passwords. You’ll have to reconnect your thermostat to your router or Wi-Fi hotspot by re-entering the security keys.

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This reset option will clear the entire temperature schedule, meaning that all the learned set points will be deleted. Choose this option if you want to delete the entire temperature schedule.

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If you choose this option, all schedules and personal settings will be reset to factory defaults. Be sure to save your settings before opting for the “all settings” reset.  


What does factory reset do to Nest

A Nest device factory reset erases all user data and settings, reverting the device to its default state. 

This process wipes out personalized configurations, disconnects the device from your Nest account, deletes local data (though some cloud-stored data may remain), and removes any authorizations it had with other devices or services.

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 It’s essentially a clean slate for the device. After a factory reset, you’ll need to set it up from scratch, including reconnecting to  Wi-Fi, reconfiguring settings, and linking it back to your Nest account if necessary.

So you need to keep in mind these changes before you reset your nest to factory defaults.

How do I manually reset a Nest thermostat.

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How can I fix a Nest that’s stuck and shows ‘continue setup’

If you accidentally choose setup/factory reset settings and your thermostat is responsive and only displays ‘continue setup,’ you can fix this issue by removing the batteries from the thermostat. 

Then, with the batteries removed, reattach the display to the base; this should reboot your thermostat.

If this trick doesn’t resolve the ‘continue setup’ problem, try removing the Nest thermostat from the home app and then try adding it again. However, you will have to continue with the setup process. This sometimes resolves the problem.

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What is the difference between restarting and resetting a nest thermostat?

AspectResetting a Nest ThermostatRestarting a Nest Thermostat
PurposeTo clear and erase all user-customized settings and restore the thermostat to its factory default settings.To temporarily power cycle or reboot the thermostat to resolve minor issues or apply certain settings changes.
ResultClears all user settings, including Wi-Fi network information, schedules, and preferences. Essentially, it starts from scratch as if it were a new thermostat.Temporarily turns off the thermostat and then powers it back on, without erasing any user settings or data.
When to UseWhen you want to start fresh with your thermostat and remove all previous configurations. This is typically done when you plan to sell or give away the thermostat.When you encounter issues with the thermostat, such as unresponsiveness or connectivity problems, and you want to try resolving them without losing your settings.
How to PerformTypically involves pressing and holding specific buttons or navigating through the thermostat’s settings menu to access the reset option. Specific steps may vary depending on the Nest Thermostat model.Simply power off the thermostat by turning it off using the device’s menu or disconnecting it from its power source (e.g., by removing it from the wall mount). Then, power it back on.
Data RetentionErases all user data and settings. You will need to set up the thermostat again, including reconnecting it to your Wi-Fi network.Preserves all user data and settings. After restarting, the thermostat should operate as it did before the restart.
Use CautionUse with caution, as it erases all settings and data. Ensure you have necessary setup information and access to your Wi-Fi network before resetting.Generally safe to perform and often recommended as a troubleshooting step for minor issues. It doesn’t erase any user data.

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