Why Is My Ecobee Not Turning On After Install?

Is your Ecobee  not turning on after an install? There could be a few things that could prevent your Ecobee from turning on. These may include, incorrect thermostat wiring,  tripped circuit breaker, blown fuses or a effective thermostat (in the worst case scenario)

Possible Reasons for Ecobee Not Turning On 

Possible ReasonsSolutions
Incorrect wiringCheck wiring connections, secure loose wires
Blown fuse or tripped circuit breakerCheck fuse and circuit breaker, reset or replace if needed
Low battery levelCheck battery level, replace battery if low
Defective thermostatContact Ecobee customer support for assistance
Faulty power source or software glitchContact Ecobee customer support for assistance

Incorrect wiring

One of the most common reasons why an Ecobee thermostat may not turn on after installation is because of incorrect wiring. It’s possible that the wires were not connected to the right terminals, or that they were not properly secured.

This is specifically a c wire. A c wire provides consistent power to the thermostat, if this wire is not connected, the thermostat may not turn on. Even in cases where the thermostat turns on it can cause the thermostat not function properly.

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Blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker

Another reason why an Ecobee thermostat may not turn on after install is because of a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. The 5 AM fuses on the circuit control board are susceptible to damage from power outages. Fortunately, these can easily and cheaply be replaced.

If you have a multimeter you can test the fuses on the control board for continuity and replace the ones that are blown out.

 Low battery level

This can also be the cause  if you are using one of the older models. But if it is a new installation then the battery should be an issue.

When the battery is too low on charge it can also prevent the thermostat from turning on. This is especially true for older models of Ecobee thermostats, which require the battery to be replaced periodically.

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Defective thermostat

It’s also possible that the Ecobee thermostat itself is defective. This can happen due to manufacturing defects or damage during shipping. In this case, the thermostat may need to be replaced or repaired. But mostly likely you will receive a replacement if this is a new installation and still under warranty.

Other possible  reasons

There are a few more other reasons why an Ecobee thermostat may not turn on after installation, such as a faulty power source or a software glitch. However, these reasons are less common than the ones listed above.

It’s important to note that before attempting any troubleshooting steps, it’s essential to turn off the power supply to the thermostat to avoid any electrical hazards.

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In this guide, we have seen  the possible reasons why an Ecobee thermostat may not turn on after installation. In summary, these include incorrect wiring, blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker, low battery level, defective thermostat.

We have also provided common troubleshooting steps that can be taken to fix the problem, such as checking wiring connections, checking the fuse and circuit breaker, and checking the battery level.

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When should you call for professional help?

If you are not comfortable with troubleshooting steps or have attempted them without success, it’s recommended to seek professional help from a licensed electrician or Ecobee customer support.

More resurces: https://support.ecobee.com/s/articles/My-furnace-won-t-turn-on-How-can-I-troubleshoot

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