No Condensation from AC And No Cooling[Solved]

Are you dealing with no condensation and no cooling from your air conditioner (A/C) and you are concerned about the problem? There could only be a few reasons for this problem and the good news is that we’ll shortly be exploring the causes in this guide together with their possible solutions.

In general, if there is no condensation from your AC, this could be caused by a thermostat that is set to fan mode only, a low or leaking refrigerant, dirty air filters or a blocked condensate line. 

Let’s look at this table below which summarizes the causes for this problem and the possible solutions.

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5 Reasons There No Condensation from AC 

Possible causeWhat to do to fix the problem
Thermostat set to fan onlyNo need to do anything
Low or leaking refrigerantSeal leaks, recharge A/C( Best done by a professional
No moisture  in the airNo need to do anything
The temperature of the coils is below freezing pointDirty filter
Clogged condensate lineInspect condensate, clean it if possible

Thermostat set to fan

If the thermostat is set to fan setting, the ac will not have condensation because there won’t be any process of dehumidification.

This is due to the fact the condensation on ac systems only occurs when the compressor is operating and evaporation and condensation are  taking place. With that in mind, when the thermostat is set to fan only, the compressor wont turn on and the only component that will turn on is the blower fan that will circulate the air and so no condensation will take place,

However, if your thermostat is set to  cooling and the set point is lower than the ambient temperature, you should expect condensation to occur, if that doesn’t occur, move to the next step of troubleshooting.

Low or Leaking refrigerant

 The gaseous refrigerant passes through the evaporator coil and absorbs  the heat from the air passing over the evaporator coils. 

When the coils don’t get cold enough condensation wont take place, this could be partly because of low refrigerant charge in the ac system caused by leaks and the whole situation leads to what is known as high superheat.

The problem can be resolved by recharging the ac system with the correct amount of the refrigerant, This jobs should be done be a licensed HVAC technician

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No moisture in the air

Another possible reason there is no condensation from the ac is that there is just no moisture in the air.  An air conditioner brings about cooling of the air by passing the air on the evaporator coil  because the air  is warm and so hen it is passed in the cooler surfaces such as the evaporator coil, it will shed off heat and condensation will take place,

A good examples is when you put cold water in a glass of water and you pass air around the glass, there will be condensation on the glass of water if there is moisture in the surrounding air, in that case there is no need to be worried as long as you air conditioner is cooling as you expect it 

Dirty or clogged air filters causing evaporator coils to freeze

When you have dirty or clogged air filters, they can cause all sorts of problems, among them being frozen evaporator coils. When filters are clogged, they will restrict the air from reaching the evaporator coil.

That means there won’t be enough air  to pass over the evaporator and dispose of the heat and this will generally cause the temperatures of the coil to go below the freezing point.  Temperatures below the freezing point will not allow condensation to take place

As a general rule of thumb it is recommended to replace your air filter from time to time about 2-3 months of use. That  ensures that your system keeps working efficiently and there is no debris build up on the evaporator coils.

Blocked condensate line

Condensate lines are used to drain condensation. The air that comes to the evaporator coils      may have dirty or other airborne particles. This matter may build up over time and can block the condensation lines, when this happens, you may not see condensation from the ac. Other symptoms of a blocked condensate line include the following

Clogged AC drain line symptoms include:

  • Musty, moldy smell near your indoor unit or in air from the registers/vents
  • AC system is not cooling your home
  • Standing water near the indoor unit
  • Water damage in areas near the indoor unit
  • AC system shuts down or doesn’t turn on

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Final thoughts

Now that you  have learnt why you have no condensation and cooling from your ac, we hope you have fixed the problem at this stage. If not, perhaps consider calling a  local professional for help.


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