Ecobee Not Cooling To Set Temperature [Solved]

Is your Ecbee not cooling to set temperature?  Don’t worry because in this guide we are going to be looking at the common problems that can prevent your ecobee thermostat from cooling to the set temperature and the steps you can take to fix these problems.

In many cases, if your Ecobee is not cooling to a set temperature, this is mainly due to an air-air exchange that is not turned off. An air exchanger is used in the winter to draw fresh air from outside and eject the damp indoor air to the outside. 

If you have no air-air exchangers and your ecobee or any other thermostat is not cooling to the set temperature, there are still a few other possible reasons for the behavior. The following table summarizes the causes for a thermostat not cooling to a set temperature and the possible fixes.

Possible reasons for an Ecobee not cooling to set temperature and fixes

Possible causeMain fix
Air exchanger turned onTurn off the air exchanger
Leaky ductworkInspect and seal off leaks
A thermostat that needs a  resetReset/reboot your thermostat
Low refrigerantRecharge AC system with freon
Inappropriate thermostat locationEnsure thermostat is in an ideal location
Dirty air filtersClean or replace air filters
Automatic schedulesRemove, deactivate auto schedules

Now let’s go into the   troubleshooting details for this problem

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Air exchanger turned on

An air exchanger helps with  bringing in fresh air from outside in winter. It does so by ejecting the damp air to the outside. 

On the other hand, an air conditioner world by dehumidifying the air and cooling air with the help of the evaporation and condensation of the freon. 

That means that the air conditioner works by removing moisture and the air exchanger does the opposite.

So in summer when you turn on the air exchanger and the air conditioner at the same time, they will be more like  battling each error.

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To fix the problem, simply  turn off the air-air exchanger and wait for your thermostat to cool down to the desired temperature.

However, if you have no air exchanger and your ecobee is not cooling enough, you may be dealing with a leaky ductwork system.

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Leaky ductwork

Ductworks play an important role in air conditioning systems by circulating the cooled air around your  home or spaces.  With time, the duct system can develop leaks. 

That is mainly because the ductwork is exposed to extreme temperatures ( places where you don’t cool and heat.) 

When a duct system has leaks or dislocations, cooled air can escape into the surrounding spaces before it reaches the intended vents. 

This will negatively affect cooling in your home and consequently will prevent your ecobee from blowing cold air and reaching the set temperature.

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If you suspect you may have leaks in the duct system try inspecting the system for leaks and seal off or mend any places with leaks. If this is hard to do, you might want to call a local HVAC pro for help.

Otherwise if your duct system is intact, you may want to  reset your thermostat.

A thermostat that needs a  reset

Many times when there are little discrepancies in the firmware(software use in the thermostat) it could cause some issues with heat and cooling.

This can only be sorted out with rebooting your thermostat and if rebooting your thermostat doesn’t fix the problem you might want to consider resetting it.

WARNING: Resetting your thermostat could erase your programs and schedules. So you might want to write them down before resetting your thermostat.

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Low refrigerant

When there is a low refrigerant charge on your ac system, cooling will be affected. If you have gauges and you are a DIY person you can take pressure readings on the AC lines.

If that is not possible you might want to call someone for help.

If the refrigerant is leaking your ecobee won’t cool your home enough and in some cases, it wont cool at all. 


Once you verify that you have a low freon charge, the first thing you want to do is seal off the leaks before recharging your system.

If there is a licensed technician by, they should be able to do this job without a hard time.

Inappropriate thermostat location

Another common reason for any thermostat not cooling to the set temperature is a thermostat that is placed in a location that is not ideal.

If the thermostat is placed in a location where it is windy or where the temperature doesn’t not represent that of the home, then there will be discrepancies in the reading of your ecobee.


Ensure your thermostat is installed in the central location, ideally in the living or living room for optimal temperature control. Also ensure it is installed at an optimal height which is roughly 52 to 60 inches off the floor

Dirty air filters

If everything mentioned above seems to be all good, you may have dirty air filters. When was the last time you washed  or replaced ac filters?

It’s a common known fact that when filters are dirty they can  prevent your ac from cooling enough and can also bring about other problems with your ac systems.


If you can’t remember when you last replaced the air filters then it is definitely the right time to do it. Head down to the furnace or air handler and take a look at the air filter.

Hold the filter up to the light and if you can hardly see the light then your filter needs  replacement.

Dirty air filters could actually be the reason your ecobee thermostat is not cooling to the set temperature. Replacing the filter can help resolve this problem.

Automatic schedules

Some Ecobee models can  prevent cooling down to specific temperatures when there are active schedules on the thermostat.

You can remove the schedules by deactivating automatic schedules. Schedules can also be removed by resetting your thermostat.

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Final thought 

By now we hope you have managed to resolve the whole problem of your ecobee not cooling, If not we would also recommend that you engage a local and licensed technician to take a look at the problem.


More resources: https://support.ecobee.com/s/articles/My-air-conditioning-won-t-turn-on-How-can-I-troubleshoot

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