How to Remove Honeywell Thermostat Cover From The Wall

Wondering how to remove honeywell cover from the wall to  change batteries or to inspect the wiring? It’s easy although this can depend on the model you have.

But for most older thermostats that use batteries, you are going to need to hold and pull the thermostat from the button up.

The following are the steps you need to follow to remove your honeywell display from the wall.

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Step 1: Turn off the thermostat 

Before you start working on your thermostat, make sure to turn it off. This will prevent any electrical accidents and ensure that you can work safely.

Step 2: Remove the faceplate

You need to remove the faceplate of the thermostat. The faceplate is typically held in place by clips.

 Use a flat screwdriver to gently pry the faceplate away from the wall. You will need  to pull the thermostat from the bottom-up and  pry screwdriver in between simultaneously.

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Why is it hard to remove a honeywell thermostat cover from the wall plate?

The thermostat display doesn’t have screws on it too attached to the base. It is designed to be held  by clips and attached by the pins to the wall plate. The pins firmly embed to the contacts  and so it’s very hard to  pull off the thermostat directly from the wall.

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