Honeywell Thermostat Already Registered To Another Account [Fixed]

Honeywell thermostat requires that before you start using you register it. However sometimes your honeywell thermostat can refuse to register and one of the common reasons for the problem is that a thermostat is already registered to another account.  So what should you do to fix the problem?

To fix  ‘Honeywell thermostat already registered to another account’ you need to  delete the particular thermostat from your account. This is usually done within the app. Your will general need to tap settings ——-> thermostat configurations—->  delete

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If  you didn’t previously register this thermostat or it was registered  by someone else you know then ask them to follow the steps that I have given above. If you don’t know the person who registered or they can’t help then you will need to contact Honeywell  thermostat support

Before you contact honeywell support make sure that you have the following things at hand 

  • The MAC ID and CRC numbers for your thermostat.
  • Make sure the thermostat is online and connected to your local Wi-Fi network.
  • Check that you have created an account with the Resideo App.
  • Make sure you are near the thermostat during the call. This process will take 20-30 minutes to complete.

How to register a honeywell thermostat online

You can register your honeywell  thermostat from the total comfort official website  but here are the general guidelines to  do so.

Step 1.  Make sure  that you connect your thermostat to the internet, this is usually done by connecting  it to the home wifi. Without the internet it is not  possible to register your  thermostat.

Step 2. The next step involves registering an account on Total comfort.

  • The first time you visit the online portal, select your region and country.
  • Click the Create an Account icon, then
  • Read and accept the End User License Agreement. 
  • On the next screen, enter the required contact information and
  •  Click Next. 
  • An email with an activation link will be sent to you within a few minutes

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Step 3. Login.

When you first login at registration, you will be asked to create the location. This helps the thermostat to correctly tell   the correct outdoor temperature.

Step 4. Enter the thermostat MAC ID and CRC

This is the final stage of the registration, you will be asked to enter the thermostat MAC ID and CRC. These are  found in the menu on some models and printed on the back of all.

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Final throughts

In conclusion, in this troubleshooting we gave out possible solutions for the common issue of a Honeywell thermostat already registered to another account error message. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily resolve the problem, and enjoy the full benefits of your climate controller and have peace of mind in managing your home’s comfort settings.

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