Car AC Blowing 50 Degrees [Fixed]

If your car ac is blowing  50 degrees air no matter how low you set the temperature, this could be due to problems with the radiator fan, compressor problems, or a leaking refrigerant. The problem can be solved by replacing the air filter or fixing the radiator, compressor  or condenser unit.

There are a few procedures to take when you are troubleshooting an ac that won’t blow below 50 degrees. We’re shortly going to be looking at them. But below is a table summarizing the common causes for an ac air conditioner that is not cooling enough.

Possible reasons a car ac is blowing 50 degrees air

Bad fan motor on condenser/radiatorReplace fan motor
Blocked condenserClean the condenser/radiator
Dirty air filterReplace the air filter
Leaking refrigerantRecharge with more refrigerant
Electrical issue/blown fusesReplace blown fuses
The temperature is too highWait for ore few minutes

We can see from the table above the common causes for a car ac that is not cooling enough particularly one that wont blow below 50 degrees air.

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Bad fan motor on condenser/radiator

The first thing you want to do when you notice that your AC is not blowing below 50 degrees air is to check if the fan motor is running. The fan motor is located in the condenser typically  in the engine compartment.

Turn on the ac and set it to the lowest temperature point. Now go to the engine compartment and check if the condenser fan is spinning. If it is not spinning then the problem is mostly likely with the fan motor. 

To be sure that the problem is the fan motor, an electromechanical technician  can test  the terminals of the fan motor for continuity. If you are a DIY person, you can perform this task yourself.

Otherwise if the fan motor doesn’t seem to have a problem, then you are going to move onto the next step of troubleshooting which is checking if the condenser is blocked.

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Blocked condenser

A condenser unit plays a big part in the car air conditioning system. The condenser works in conjunction with the radiator fans to cool your car cabin. When there is debris or objects blocking the condenser such as leaves or mud, no heat will be dissipated and that means there won’t be sufficient cooling in the car cabin.

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To resolve this issue you will need to clean the condenser/radiator parts. If possible take the car to the engine car wash, where the engine radiator compartment can thoroughly be cleaned by professionals.

On the other hand, if the condenser/ radiator fans appear to be clean and your car ac is blowing 50 degrees air then you could have a dirty air filter.

Dirty air filter

Dirty air filters are a common cause for a car ac that is not cooling enough. Air filters are typically installed in the engine compartment or the bonnet compartment. They have to be replaced about every 2-3 months. But if you move about a lot with your car you can make it a rule to replace the air filter, every time you move 2000-3000 miles.

Car air filters are generally inexpensive and you can get one for as low as $10

However, if you are sure that the air filter is clean and that is not the issue causing the problem, then your car could be running low on the refrigerant.

Leaking refrigerant

When an  ac is running low on refrigerant, the first sign of this problem is, an ac stops blowing cool air. You could feel the air blowing but at the same temperature as the ambient.

A leaking refrigerant could be the reason your car is not blowing below 50.

To troubleshoot this problem you can inspect for leaks. Finding the leaks can be a challenge for professionals too. So you might need some patience. 

If the refrigerant is low, check for visible system leaks that appear green and oily.

When the leaks are found and sealed that is when it is recommended to charge your ac.

Otherwise if leaks are not found your ac system will still leak the refrigerant after recharging it.

Can you recharge the car on your own?

Yes you can, especially if you are a DIY person. You can get a recharging kit specifically for car acs. Recharging the AC will most likely fix the cooling problem.

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Electrical Issue

Many  cars have many sensors and fuses that can blow up and malfunction. When there are problems with the sensor, they can prevent one or more components of your ac from turning on, such as the condenser unit or the compressor.

The issue of a  blown out fuses can be the reason for your ac blowing 50 degree air.

You can easily test fuses yourself by getting an inexpensive 12V test light or digital voltmeter. And make sure electrical connections are clean and secure.

The temperature is too high

If the car cabin’s  air temperature is too high? Car acs can cool air for a difference of about 30-35. That means that when the temperature in the cabin is about 80-85, you can expect your ac to blow 45-50 but can blow lower as the cabin temperature starts to drop.

Final thought

We have seen the most common causes for ac blowing 50 degrees. If you are still facing the problem after trying out the ips given in this guide, we recommend that you see a licensed technician for assistance.


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