AC Blowing 70 Degree Air [Fixed]

If your ac is blowing 70 degree air, this is a perfect troubleshooting guide for you. Air conditioners bring real comfort in your home especially in summer by cooling down the surrounding air. But what if your ac is not blowing cool air?

If your ac is blowing 70 degree air only this is mainly due to a leaking  or low refrigerant level in your ac system. But it’s best to start troubleshooting by checking the status of your air filters. Many times, clogged air filters or indoor temperatures that are higher than 86 degree can prevent air conditioners from blowing cool air.

A defective condenser unit can prevent an ac from blowing below 70 degrees
AC with defective blower motor

5 Reasons why your ac is blowing 70 degree air

The general rule is, the cooler the indoor temperature is, the cooler the ac blows. If the indoor temperature is above 86, The AC will not blow less than 70 at the start of running.

However, it should be able to blow cooler when the indoor temperature starts to decrease.

Otherwise, if the indoor temperature is in the usual range (85 or below) your ac should blow cooler than 70. If it doesn’t, there are a few possible causes and how to fix them. We have highlighted these causes and the possible fixes in the table below

Possible causeMain fix
Low or leaking refrigerantFind leaks, seal and recharge refrigerant
Dirty air filtersReplace the air filters
Dirty evaporator coilThoroughly clean the evaporator coil
Blower fan failureReplace capacitor or fan
Damaged ductworkReplace/seal off leaking air ducts

Low refrigerant

Low refrigerant levels in your HVAC system could prevent your ac from blowing below 70 degrees. This is because the refrigerant is responsible for transferring heat from the inside of your home to the outside. This problem usually happens when there is a leak within your HVAC system.

Symptoms of a leaking refrigerant may include

  • A hissing noise when your system is working
  •  High electricity bills from an overworking system
  • Warm air coming out of vents

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The fix

Although the refrigerant runs in a closed system and doesn’t get used up, the ac lines can develop leaks under different circumstances such as during the installation. With just a smallest hole along the lines, the refrigerant can leak out.

The fix to this problem is to check the normal operating freon pressure and if it is below the normal operating threshold, you’ll need to refill it with more freon.

 And its always a good idea to call professionals to help diagnose a system with low freon level.

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Dirty air filters

Another common problem of any AC system is a dirty filter. Whether it’s your car ac or central system a dirty filter will always cause problems with the normal operation of your ac.

Filters help to screen out dirt and debris and prevent them from reaching the coil and actually blocking them from finding their way into your home.

When they become clogged, they will restrict from been sucked and to be cooled, that be the reason why your ac is only blowing about 70 degrees air

Filters typically last about 2 months in a central air conditioning system but this largely depends on how often you use your system. The more you use your ac the earlier you’ll need to replace your filter.

But modern air conditioner systems come with filter lights that remind you of when you need to replace your filter. If your system doesn’t have it, it’s best to manually take a look at your filter.

The fix

  • Replace air filter

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Dirty evaporator coil

Evaporator coils carry the refrigerant round the system. This is where the refrigerant absorbs heat from the air.

When coils become dirty, the surface area for heat absorption will reduce and because of that not much of the air will be and that could be the reasons why your ac is blowing out 70 degrees air on cool.

Dirty coils are mainly caused by continuously using dirty air filters. That is why it’s important to change your filters on time.

The fix

If you think you have dirty coils, clean them up. But the best people that can do proper jobs are those that are licensed to do it, professionals.

Damaged blower motor

The blower motor of the condenser unit blows away heat from the condenser coil, if the blower fan is not working or is defective, not much heat will be absorbed and hence no cool air will be blown into your home. There a few signs of indicate a problem with the blower motor and these include the following:

  • A humming sound coming from the outdoor unit
  • Now warm air been blown from the condense unit
  • Fan spinning slower than it should

The fix

Blower motors are replaceable. If it’s just the capacitor that has a problem, even easier as capacitors can cheaply be replaced.

You can diagnose a blower capacitor by using a multimeter, connecting it to the two ends. If this is not easy for you perhaps consider calling professionals for help.

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Damaged Ductwork

Another common problem for an air conditioner failing to cool below 70 degrees is a damaged ductwork. 

Air ducts distribute the heated air all round home, but the ducts can get damaged over time or become loose in joints due to extreme weather changes.

When this happens, the cool air could be coming out of the ductworks before reaching the intended destination. This is known as the mix in the air. Warm air could be getting into the ducts and cooler air going out. That prevents cool air from being blown into your home.

The fix

When there is damage to the ductwork, you need to inspect it carefully and pinpoint the leaks.  And seal them off where necessary. As I like to say, if you think you can’t handle it, call professionals for help.

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I hope after reading this guide, you have fixed the problem of your ac blowing 70-degree air only. Otherwise, if you still have the problem, I recommend you seek professional help from local contractors. Thanks for reading.

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