Trane Thermostat Says Waiting [Solved]

A Trane thermostat may say “waiting” due to a delay in the system startup, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a problem with the condensate drain switch. Possible fixes include waiting for the delay to end, checking the thermostat for issues, or checking the condensate drain and resetting the switch if necessary.

Reasons Your Trane Thermostat Is Saying Waiting And Possible Fixes

Possible Reasons for Trane Thermostat Saying “Waiting”Possible Fixes
Thermostat is in a delay modeWait for the delay period to pass
Thermostat has lost communication with HVAC systemCheck the wiring connections between the thermostat and HVAC system
Condensate drain switch has trippedCheck the condensate drain and drain out any water, then power back on the system
Thermostat is malfunctioningReplace the thermostat

To troubleshoot a trane thermostat that is saying wait,  you can try resetting the thermostat or checking the wiring connections to make sure everything is secure. You may also want to check the HVAC equipment to make sure it is functioning properly and there are no issues that could be causing the delay.

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Check the power supply: Make sure that your thermostat is getting power from the circuit breaker. Check if the thermostat display is lit up, and if not, check the power supply.

Bypass the thermostat: If the thermostat display is lit up but showing “waiting”, then try bypassing the thermostat. To do this, you will need to remove the thermostat from the wall and connect or twist some wires together, effectively bypassing the thermostat. 

To test if the fan is working, connect the  R wire(power) to the G( fan wire). The blower fan might start running immediately.

To test if the outdoor unit has no problem, connect the R terminal to the Y( compressor relay) for this bypass you might need to wait for at least 5 minutes before the condenser kicks in, this is the time delay period.

If the system turns on when you bypass the thermostat, then the problem is likely with the thermostat.

Check the condensate drain: If bypassing the thermostat doesn’t work, then check the condensate drain for a switch that could have tripped. If you find water in the drain pan, drain it out and power the system back on. If the switch was tripped, this should reset it and your system should start working normally.

Check the condenser unit: If none of the above steps work and the condenser unit is not receiving power, then the problem could be with the wiring or the circuit breaker. Check the wiring and make sure it is properly connected. If the wiring is fine, then check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. If it has, reset it and see if the system starts working.

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What is trane thermostat hold schedule?

The Trane thermostat hold schedule feature allows you to override your thermostat’s programmed temperature settings for a set period. This means that you can set a specific temperature that will be maintained for a certain duration, regardless of the temperature changes that the thermostat may have been programmed to make during that period. It is useful when you want to maintain a particular temperature for a specific period, such as when you are going on vacation or expecting guests.

How do you reset time on trane thermostat?

To reset the time on a Trane thermostat, follow these steps:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on the thermostat.
  2. Use the arrow keys to scroll down to “System Settings” and press “Select.”
  3. Scroll down to “Time” and press “Select.”
  4. Use the arrow keys to adjust the time to the correct hour and minute.
  5. Press “Save” to save the changes.
  6. The time on your Trane thermostat should now be reset.

How  do you unlock a trane thermostat that is stuck on hold?

To unlock a Trane thermostat, press the plus (“+”) and minus (“-”) keys at the same time for three to four seconds, then try adjusting the temperature again. If this doesn’t work, try resetting your thermostat with the reset button, changing the batteries, or cleaning off any dust and dirt inside

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How do you set a schedule on a trane thermostat?

To set a schedule on your Trane thermostat, start by clicking on the Climate option in the grey menu on the left side of the screen. Next, locate the specific thermostat you want to schedule and select Menu. Once there, click on the Schedules button and choose the appropriate day of the week you want to schedule

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