How to Reset Dometic Thermostat

A dometic thermostat is one of the most  widely used RV thermostats brands on the market  probably because the parent company has made a name in manufacturing high quality  RV accessories.

dometic thermosat on the wall

But just as with any other thermostat brands, your Dometic thermostat  may display some errors or it may function strangely  and you might need to reset it in order to fix the problem.

The question is how do you reset a dometic thermostat?

To reset a dometic RV thermostat  with a single zone, press and hold the temperature up button ‘+’ and the ‘On/Off Mode’ buttons simultaneously for about 3 seconds until the green light appears on the ‘mode’ button.

Step 1: Hold the mode and the temperature up  button ( push them at the same time)

Step 2: You are going to see  two dashes and a green led light will display on the mode button. Release the two buttons and press the mode button.

That should bring your thermostat to factory defaults settings.

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To reset a dometic thermostat with multi zones:

Make sure the thermostat is in the OFF mode.

2. Simultaneously press and hold the MODE and ZONE buttons.

3. The LCD will display “IniT” and all available zones.

4. Release the MODE and ZONE buttons.

5. Press the ON/OFF button to exit system set up

With all the above steps  to take when resetting a dometic thermostat, there are things you need to be aware of before you reset your thermostat.

Programs and schedules lost

Resetting your thermostat is different from restarting it. That means that if you have programs or schedules programmed on your thermostat, you are going to lose them before after a system reset, all the settings will be restored back to the factory default settings.

Final thoughts

As we have seen, resetting a dometic thermostat is quite easy. And so many thermostat issues can easily be resolved with just a rest of the thermostat. However be careful before making a reset, keeping in mind that you might lose your settings and schedules. If you haven managed to fix your thermostat issue at hand, consider referring to your manual.

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