Nest Thermostat Symbols Meaning Explained

If you find yourself puzzled by the symbols on your Nest Thermostat, don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll  explore the meanings of those symbols, equipping you with the knowledge to optimize your home’s heating and cooling settings with confidence.

List of Nest Thermostat Symbols & Their Meanings

Swirl symbol

The swirl symbol on a Nest thermostat indicates Nest airwave. Nest Airwave is a feature available on certain Nest thermostats that optimizes cooling efficiency by using the remaining cool air in your home’s HVAC system.

 It works by temporarily shutting off the compressor while the fan continues to circulate the cool air, reducing energy usage and increasing energy savings without sacrificing comfort. 

This feature is particularly effective in humid climates where it can help maintain a comfortable temperature while reducing the need for excessive cooling.

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Yellow leaf symbol

The Nest Leaf symbol appears on the thermostat and in the Nest app to indicate when the thermostat is set to an energy-saving temperature. 

Initially, it may appear based on preset temperature recommendations, but over time, as the Nest thermostat learns your habits and preferences, it will optimize its energy-saving suggestions and the Leaf will appear when it knows your usage is at its most efficient levels. 

It’s a helpful reminder to conserve energy and save money.

Blinking red light

A blinking red on a nest thermostat means that the battery is very low but it is charging. You should wait for the battery to fully charge before you use it to control the heating and cooling of your system.

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Water droplet in a circle

this is a  bacteria Prevention icon. Bacteria Prevention is an exclusive feature of 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostats. Bacteria Prevention mode will activate if your domestic water hasn’t been heated for at least 2 consecutive hours in the last 48 hours.

But you can turn it off if you’ll be away for an extended time, Follow these steps:

1.Press your thermostat ring to bring up the Quick View menu

2.Select Settings 

3. Select Equipment and Continue.

4. Choose Bacteria Prevention.

5. Turn Bacteria Prevention on or off.

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House symbol: The house symbol will appear when your  Nest is starting. If your thermostat is stuck on the Home symbol try  pressing the Nest thermostat for about 15 seconds until it turns off, it should restart this time.

Gear symbol (seasonal savings)

  When this symbol is displayed (not to be confused with the gear symbol for settings)  It indicates that there is some form of energy saving partnership with some utility company and you as a Nest customer!

This can happen even if you didn’t sign up for  any  partnership with your  energy utility company. Seasonl savings can fine-tune your schedules (supposedly to save energy)!

Snowflake symbol

The snowflake symbol indicates the “Cool” mode. When it appears, it means your Nest thermostat is actively cooling your home to reach the desired temperature.

Flame symbol

The flame symbol represents the “Heat” mode. When the flame symbol is displayed, it means your Nest thermostat is actively heating your home to reach the desired temperature.

FAN symbol

The FAN symbol indicates the “Fan” mode. When it appears, it means the fan is running to circulate air in your home without heating or cooling it. You can adjust the fan settings through the Nest thermostat or app.

Sun icon(Sunblock)

Sunblock uses the Nest thermostat built-in light sensor to track the sun’s patterns and its temperature sensors to detect the heat spikes that occur in direct sunlight. 

If your thermostat is connected to Wi-Fi, it’ll also take into account sunrise and sunset time. Sunblock then uses all this information to set your Nest thermostat to the correct temperature whenever it’s in direct sunlight.

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Final thoughts

To wrap it up, we hope you have a better understanding of your  Nest thermostat symbols so you can properly  optimize your home’s heating and cooling settings. 

Whether it’s using features like Nest Airwave to increase energy savings, conserving energy with the Nest Leaf symbol, understanding these symbols empowers you to take charge of your comfort and save energy in the process. 

Thanks for reading

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